MST Pendant

MST Pendant

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  • Promote blood Circulation, Enhance Metabolism
  • It will transmit nutrients and oxygen to cell and expel toxin in our body, people won't have feel cold with hand and feet any more
  • It will provide energy to blood corpuscle and lower Viscosity,then reduce the chance to get Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Disease and Wind - Stroke
  • Improve metabolism and detox, keep slim body
  • Release body ache, muscle tight and stiff
  • Prevent mental fatigue, tranquilize the mind
  • Improve sleeping quality
  • Enhance mental focus to get good performance on job make students keep their head in examinations,reduce anxious and improve attention in studying
  • Make people feel fresh in long distance driving or frequent driving
  • Renew our balance and strength, promote body flexibility
  • Improve old people's strength and balance,prevent them from tumble with any hurt
  • To athletes like Golfer,it can strengthen physical,endurance and strength, with good performance
  • Enhance physical ability, keep youth and good health, with more vitality